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Custom Synthesis

From mg to kg scale

Custom focused library synthesis

Synthesis of reference compounds, scaffolds, building blocks

Asymmetric synthesis; Resolution for chiral compounds

With our highly-skilled chemists & state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality synthesis service. All inquiries are welcome.

Custom Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing for bulky quantities

Process optimization for commercial production

Synthetic route scouting and Experimental design

Technology transfer

kilos to tons scale up

Contract Research (FTE Based Service)

Our contract research services include Synthetic chemistry, Process chemistry, library design synt-hesis and aid in lead generation & lead optimization efforts. We offer high quality and timely contr-act research services made to your specifications.

Catalogue Products

Unnatural & natural amino acids

Functional PEG Linkers

Building blocks

Bioactive Compounds & Natural Products

Drug Impurities & Metabolites